They sell your essence in the stores now. In bottles. So many bottles. I drown myself looking for you. Tell me again how I would never taste you. Tell me again. Damn. Maybe I’m too drunk to be speaking this into the Abyss. Slightly under influences and over insecurities. I remember you! I remember you … More Supreme

Letter to Myself

You were always a rebellious, a revolutionary, a civil war type of love. You were always transcending normal conventions. A miracle worker with your comfort and strength. Damn, you were suave and sincere. No one held me tight like you, no one loved me quite like you. And we’ve had a long affair, since I … More Letter to Myself

The Last Letter

I’m an emotional creature. An emotion driven abomination. And I wouldn’t change a single thing about me. I learned to love myself through too many lows. Through seriously darkening depressions and suicidal tendencies. I have always carried the burden the weight of my life in my heart. Something of an Atlas figure. And, I was … More The Last Letter


My biggest fear was being myself. I was paralyzed by the idea of being me. I didn’t know myself after mania and depression, after hospitalizations and medication. I was afraid to be me, of me. For years, my biggest worry was being myself. My biggest burden was not knowing the difference between the manic/depressed and … More Mania/Depression


I’ve undressed myself in your presence. Shed skin like Boa constrictor. Naked soul, laid on the tabernacle where we first meet. In lieu of a church we used the ancient grounds by the lighthouse. Your body reflecting off the river as the moon shines on your back. I could see scars from past transgressions. I … More Support

Sacred Shift

In me. Of me. All of me. Within and out of me. Poor in soul and mind. But my heart, my heart was heavy. It never weighed on me. But it became an obvious anchor. It grew, and grew. And I shrank, and shrank. And it broke me. Poverty. Poor in soul, mind, and love. … More Sacred Shift

Affirmation 3

With cusped hands I shout “I love you” into the ether hoping you could hear it inside your depression. And then you spoke back. I never knew you till that day, till you shed your anxieties and laid vulnerably in my arms. And you told me stories of your childhood. Told me your dreams, wishes, … More Affirmation 3