Letter to Myself

You were always a rebellious, a revolutionary, a civil war type of love. You were always transcending normal conventions. A miracle worker with your comfort and strength. Damn, you were suave and sincere. No one held me tight like you, no one loved me quite like you. And we’ve had a long affair, since I … More Letter to Myself

The Last Letter

I’m an emotional creature. An emotion driven abomination. And I wouldn’t change a single thing about me. I learned to love myself through too many lows. Through seriously darkening depressions and suicidal tendencies. I have always carried the burden the weight of my life in my heart. Something of an Atlas figure. And, I was … More The Last Letter


My biggest fear was being myself. I was paralyzed by the idea of being me. I didn’t know myself after mania and depression, after hospitalizations and medication. I was afraid to be me, of me. For years, my biggest worry was being myself. My biggest burden was not knowing the difference between the manic/depressed and … More Mania/Depression


I’ve undressed myself in your presence. Shed skin like Boa constrictor. Naked soul, laid on the tabernacle where we first meet. In lieu of a church we used the ancient grounds by the lighthouse. Your body reflecting off the river as the moon shines on your back. I could see scars from past transgressions. I … More Support