Royalty in Her

If you speak like Armageddon/lust like liquor stores/in POC neighborhoods/walk/in the face of gentrification/I will love you/I will build monuments/murals/graffiti across your chest/not with spray cans/but with word of mouth/and mouth/tongue/I can love you forever.

Sutra 47

This/this is a blunt/a bubble gum/tequila shot/drop top/Cadillac bass boomin/chopped n screwed/not a remix/anthem/poetry/may it guide you/like it guides me/dressed in its confidence/all of its wisdom/compassion/this is for the greatest art/the sutra/for your greatness.

Back Breaking

The moments your hand touches mine/when the Universes/between our fingerprints/collide/are the grandest spaces in time/the grandest gestures of love/when you dig your hand/into the opening of my fingers/into the pocket of my palm/and the warmth of your body/the warmth of you/is against my side/hand in hand/your hand/in mine/like a metamorphosis/that’s in public/in private/I have shattered … More Back Breaking

Do you believe?

I have ripped the atmosphere/stripped Jupiter of her rings/laid foundations/older than Adam/I have tasted God/Her epilepsy aided creativity/it was Her imagination/all of this/all of you/your totality/I made you/from diamonds/from asteroid belts/from the juices of the Nike River/when I first made the waters/believe it/believe me/this was all love/for I made God in my image/and She made … More Do you believe?


Soul for sale/got to pay rent/got to pay for love/got to pay/got to get paid/I need this burden off my chest/there’s no wisdom cracking between these bones/there’s no light in me/this is heaviness/this is tar buildup/for packs of nicotine/this is me/has been me/since the long ago/since the forevers/since/I can’t remember/but I’m playing Russian roulette with … More Jeopardy


Visions of gold/of vodka/poured down your abdomen/I will swim in your crevasses/dig deep into you/I am delighted by your touch/we held hands the other day/you laughed the other day/you smiled/you chuckled/you blushed/you existed/and thats all you ever need to do/keep being you/and I will continue/writing poetics/as offerings/bring the lilac/the chrysanthemum/the white bull elephant/with lotus flower … More Aspirations

The Congregation

Magic exists/because you live/because there’s dragon fire in your eyes/there’s fairy dust in your breathe/there’s the Holy Grail in your soul/you got the whole world/in your hands/peel it back/like oranges/crack it/like the twang of your accent/make it yours/damn/when you speak Spanish/when you do everything you do/as well as you do/looking/as good as you do/I’m mesmerized/hypnotized/make … More The Congregation