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Hello Everyone.
Thank you for having the curiosity to visit this page. Here you will find original works written by me.

I am an Afro-Dominican writer with particular interests in religion, sexuality, affirmations, and mantras. My works typically have a connection between the four previously  mentioned areas of interests. I am a current Cornell University undergraduate (graduating on May 2018) focused on Urban Regional Studies with the School of Architecture, Art, & Planning. My interest with planning is more of a hobby than a professional admiration. With that said I am interested in focusing on Higher Education for Master’s and Literary English for Post-Secondary Institution for a PhD.

I will continue to upload content frequently. Perhaps three times a week.
Please leave any comments on any post. As I believe insight helps build any persons understanding and mechanisms for success.
Thank you,
Luis Tomas Graveley Jr

And to my mother and father, thank you for supporting me in my growth and studies. To the world, I love you.


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Collections of your expressions, found in the wilderness of age. Of wisdom and oh how rage seasons molecules. Shifting densities, this is alchemy. You the alchemist, never have you spoken of such traits. Yet you live like magic and transmutations. How many years have you been Beauty? Blessed in the freedom and strength of joy … Continue reading Comfort


Manifestations in your chakras. In the construction of your ego. How hungry have we been since we last collided molecules across the New York skyline? Painting each other in the strokes of our panting, breaths heavy in the colors of infatuation. Never knew your spine was a treasure trail to the Holy Grail. Map written … Continue reading Patience


Come forth in the proclamation that you have transcended, through the roots of your veins, from celestial bodies. Adherent to philosophies older than conceptions, older than Yahweh. Older than the Land Turtle, than the Nine Realms, than humanity made from Clay, from Clouds, from Oceans. Older than the body of a God who was split … Continue reading Transmogrify


I have always loved you. Yes, the manifestations of your aura; the condensation of your vibe. I have always loved you. Yes, the ruminating helps; the meditations ease. I have always. Hearing you like pulsation and tremors. I have always loved you. How ancient is the process of your breathing? For I remember the Abrahamic … Continue reading Spirit

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