29 Chiefdoms

You where born where fertile land is abundant. No matter the politics, you were nurtured from Taino blood. And you look so much like ancestry, history, culture. I can’t tell if you’re a memory or if that Spanish you speak like meditation is real. This is an admiration poem. A damn you beautiful like freedom … More 29 Chiefdoms


I heard the Universe speak when you winked in the direction of catastrophes. In my direction. I was walking with pyramids on my back, with stones as deep as guilt in my pockets. And you whispered victory in my ear. You spoke hope into my veins. All things possible from love? Maybe, I just know … More Obelisk

Short No. 1

I will eat the sin from the ligament, the tendons, the muscles, and the marrow. God made me in the image of Lust. I wonder how you would taste. Seasoned in your sweat. That’s all I think about. Holy shit! It’s an all day, every hour, down to the millisecond thought process.


America, I have a bath running for you. Essential oils. Lavender candles. Come. Leave your racism at the door of the house. Don’t you dare walk into this spirituality dipped in your bigotry. I’ve had enough of your vileness. Leave your bloody shoes. Your noosed laces. On the porch. I have invited you to soak … More Rinse


I gave my soul too many times. Who the fuck builds so many altars for unworthy gods? I made them from ether and now they stand here, unbreakable.

For you

I wrote in the sky for you, in the realms of the clouds and the stars. I arranged the firmament for you. I spread the Ocean wide for you. In your multitude. What’s the point of love if its never returned? I gave you trust and dedication. Wrapped like candies. Wrapped like presents for the … More For you

Adam speaks

I’ve known your voice since forever. Since the first time Light peaked through Darkness like a shard. That was you. That was your vibration. I felt you. Creep through the mud when God molded me. She took you out of my rib. Like a cancer. But you were more like my entity. My soul. I … More Adam speaks


Build me in the mountains of your passion. I want to know how it feels to be loved. Nights are too cold now. The winter is too cold now. And I have seen you like Mammoth. Engulf me in your heat. I want your embrace. Holy shit! I want you more than oxygen. I am … More Crustacean


If you could swallow the whole Ocean in your laughter, why do you look at me like I’m some fairytale? If you walk like shooting stars skipping across the sky, why do think the sound of my voice is unbelievable? I’ve seen you. In the face of Light and accompanied by the sound of trumpets. … More Catastrophe