Elegance in the turbulence of your tongue. Tidal waves originate from your conversations with the Waters. Freedom as Wind, how graceful is the expression. How beautiful is the scale of your gestures. For it touched the throne of the Seventh Heaven. It touched the throne of the Seventh Hell. Perhaps you started the Cosmos. Maybe. … Continue reading Divinity


The Congregation

Magic exists/because you live/because there's dragon fire in your eyes/there's fairy dust in your breath/there's the Holy Grail in your soul/you got the whole world/in your hands/peel it back/like oranges/crack it/like the twang of your accent/make it yours/damn/when you speak Spanish/when you do everything you do/as well as you do/looking/as good as you do/I'm mesmerized/hypnotized/make … Continue reading The Congregation


Hallelujah/Holy Light/Blessed be the ground that carries your stride/that levels your patience/you have/you are/dare I call you a goddess/yes/I blaspheme/I covet other gods/for if every god were like you/perhaps peace and freedom would reign like showers/cover this stench of my sins/and wash away any ailments/you/your kisses may salvage the world/savior of all souls/you do not … Continue reading Adherence

Soul Splitter

I smiled at you today/at the genius of your soul/bright like solar flare/it was always phenomenal/but I used to sense it/I used to guess it/and now I saw it/it was heavy/like monsoons/like air pollution/but more vibrant/tell us/tell the world/how you exist/I've had to read all the esoteric claims/all the religious text/to guess your divinity/what is … Continue reading Soul Splitter

Morning Prayer for the Goddess

She is divinity, blessings upon hieroglyphs and parchment, She is lamb's blood on wooden doors on Passover. She is divinity, arched like rainbows in the scope of the rotation, She is a covenant between the holy and us swine. She is divinity, call Her Goddess. Her scope is formless, boundless like space. She is bounded … Continue reading Morning Prayer for the Goddess

Beginning of the Goddess

They called Her nothing, darkness. Even though She was beauty. Even though She was everything. God, Couldn’t know what this body was. Yahweh, You have done this Goddess an injustice, You had man scribe of glories for You Knowing this energy created the Cosmos, She created You. Birthed You from formless womb And darkness so … Continue reading Beginning of the Goddess