Collections of your expressions, found in the wilderness of age. Of wisdom and oh how rage seasons molecules. Shifting densities, this is alchemy. You the alchemist, never have you spoken of such traits. Yet you live like magic and transmutations. How many years have you been Beauty? Blessed in the freedom and strength of joy … Continue reading Comfort



Manifestations in your chakras. In the construction of your ego. How hungry have we been since we last collided molecules across the New York skyline? Painting each other in the strokes of our panting, breaths heavy in the colors of infatuation. Never knew your spine was a treasure trail to the Holy Grail. Map written … Continue reading Patience


I have always loved you. Yes, the manifestations of your aura; the condensation of your vibe. I have always loved you. Yes, the ruminating helps; the meditations ease. I have always. Hearing you like pulsation and tremors. I have always loved you. How ancient is the process of your breathing? For I remember the Abrahamic … Continue reading Spirit


Stretch me to infinity. From within. From the borders. Mind & Soul. Expand me. I want to taste the densities of every atmosphere. Fill me. Wear me as camouflage. Make things slow, Time. Give me Patience. Contemplation. All in the memories of the air I breathe. All in the necessities of living. Give me purpose. … Continue reading Inhale


Collapse into yourself, fitting in the open space between spine and ribs. Carry your self as a pregnancy of identity. For eternity. This must be done for the forever. Be your own Mother, the galaxy that took human form to make you whole. Be you.


The folds are layers too. Multitudes of protection. Sections of infinity wrapped around limitations. Breathe in your Infinity. For these microscopic entities create you. All of you is the essence that streamed from the skies. From the ether. From oxygen. Breathe


These are words which have unraveled spaces to create geographies. I too have been unfaithful. I too have been a villain. Being a hero was never my claim. Not ever moment. I've had to learn from the turmoil. From the falling. From the breaking. From the doubt. From the fear. Lingering in my pores like … Continue reading Infinity