It is in your depths. In the history of your form. In the density of you. Echoes reminiscent of revolutions. My mother spoke of you as a myth. She emphasized to never write for you. To keep my words for mortal souls. But I have never been drawn by drowning like this. Its in your … More Waters

The Quiet Hour

I could hear the stampede between your chest. I taught you meditation. Ease your mind. Ease your body. And your soul. How long have I known your flesh? The imprints and birthmarks, the dimples and the freckles. I have names for them all. Have I not held you on cold nights? Kept your anxiety within … More The Quiet Hour

Renaissance Art

For the kingdom has come in all the shapes of your body. In the crystals. In the obliques. In the cusps of your hands when you drink out of fountains. They have drawn you poorly in the Renaissance. They have built you poorly in the Renaissance. The revival has not been kind to things, not … More Renaissance Art


I have found you in the cold of the wilderness. Your body bare and stoned like dying trees. And when I touched your flesh, you did not move. You did not react. My love. I lost you on too many voyages. On too many excursions. And I have returned. Sacrifice the gods for you. I … More Reflections

Blessings on Flesh

I have loved you since before we cross the peninsula. Since nature was in control. When you used to look at me with hope. I have loved you for your ferocity. Your tenacity. Your tendency for all things beautiful. My mythology. I have loved you in the moments between light and dark. Before the gods … More Blessings on Flesh

2 piece 

Breast and thigh. Breasts and thighs. That’s my combo. The 2 piece that bring peace. All the sweetness. I like it on the bone. I’ll eat the marrow. Give that deep fried, butter battered, with adobo and pepper flakes. I’m hungry. This is for the combo. For the best meal. Breast and thigh. Two piece … More 2 piece