Art’s grandest skill Is to immortalize, I learned that from love.   They will build libraries For the poems I write for you.   These are from the soul, About you In every centimeter of your genius.   I have loved you In multitudes. In sacred expressions, Devotions.   And when they build the libraries … More Immortalize


I want to carry your sins.   Adorn you in love, For only one of us must suffer in the afterlife. I’ve made my peace. You are my peace. You have already delivered your sermon. This is mine. I have loved you since The Promised Land, Since we bathed In milk and honey. You Are … More Sins


Memories retain their sweetness No matter the years Between us. I have an addiction to the past, To you. Your body Looking for warmth In beds titled after royalty, You left a dent On my chest From the years of listening To melodies orchestrated by love. I wanted to be yours forever, Left with memories … More Reflection


How many rituals Do you think love requires?   As infinite as its presence. Sacrifices must be made Daily, through milliseconds Across expanses Too wide to measure in time. I have crawled Through the sanctuaries, Made pilgrimage For every breath taken And still Love requires more. Love Requires Everything.


Waters of the flesh taste different than Poland Spring. You taste different than condensed sugars. But your density makes for a better addiction. You are an Ocean You are expansive in your depths. There are tempos to your waters that only strong lungs can endure. I swim, I drink, I submerge.


I have climbed Through sin to love you, To caress your embers, a beacon of salvation Since we’ve met. What is love but motivation? To bestow bounties, treasures my soul, a gift of devotion. I have seen Paradise, And religion did not bring me to you. Cloaked in your serenity. Basking in auras Too divine, … More Sins


You stand there, in the glamour of all that was created by the old gods. Your smile as light as the wind, eyes like divinity, blushing for every poem ever written in your name. Immortal because of love. I call you goddess because reality never made sense before you.


You taste of memories I have yet to have. There’s a hint of something. There’s a resemblance to fantasies from years so long ago I don’t remember if they were mine or passed through the generations. Those stories shared by babysitters and aunts, I don’t know if you’re a fairytale or an old friend. Even … More Dream


Peace exists in the multitudes of your aura. Covered by the outlines of your lips and covered in your breathing. I find refuge in our cusped hands, standing chest to chest. Lifting me with slithering whispers of love when we caress. I have found home in your presence. There’s a balance of memory and future … More Find


In rivers molded by the geometry of you. That’s where I’d like to dwell. Warm and scented waters. Serenity always came in your scent. It doesn’t know another brand.