Do The Thang

Your body/must taste like cold water/on a humid day/like gumbo/when your grandma visits/for the first time/in years/do the thang baby/do your thang/swing your swing/I just want to do your dance/I heard your tempo/I felt your talents/you against me/together/I got you/hold your body close/so I could understand your heartbeat.


Poetic concussions/repetitions/utterances of possession/flow like Holy Water/everything in all things/see the connectivity/the passion/the bursts of energy/this is my stage/my world/I have known all things regal/cause I speak like Holy Spirit/I am a god/so are you/all of you.


Of what dreams were you made from/of what clay did God mold you/your smile/did She melt the Pearly Gates/the rainbows/to forge such magnificence/of all things crafted by Her hands/you have been my favorite/you are greatness/your walk/your stance/your presence/all things you/are miracles/it has prophesied/that the land of milk and honey/would grant the greatest wishes/glory/peace/I think I … More Visions

Confession 1

Hark/the angel has risen/the God/has awoken/in silence/or in riot laughter/in Holy Spirit possession/pray/write down your blessings/like covenant/like pacts/made of soul matter/like connectivity/like the Ten Commandments/Hallelujah down the river basin of your spine/and abdomen/and neck/and thighs/down the pathways of your body/traverse the entirety of your Holy Land/I ask for blessing/hands on the small of your back/we … More Confession 1


I thought about you/I think about you/I draw Kandinsky paintings with your name/I cultivate in Spanish more/cause thats how you share secrets/thats how you share yourself/gorgeous soul/you beautiful being/this is all for you/for the love of you/I would Isley Brothers this poetry/just listen to these words/or read them/I’m here for eternity/a dance with infinity/I got … More Pursue

Not Know

I will not say/I know you/for your growth is paramount/you are/always will be/forever/growing/a perpetual caterpillar/in a cocoon/this is metamorphosis/but I have a scent for you/I have the rhythm of your heart/the anatomy of your true smile/of your blushing/never fold you into boxes/never fit you/into rigid categories/too extreme/for your truest expression/of self/all things/have become part of … More Not Know