Physical Attraction

Some people/love your body before they love you/they love your body over loving you/rather be under you/in you/on you/then know you/and you ask me/Why write so much about bodies/do you only care for the physical/the body is a temple/then I must prostrate before the Holy of Holies that is you/and give blessings to creation/I am not a religious being/but I recognized the divine/and you have had people/abandon your alter/spit on your covenant/and tear down your temple/you thought that was normal/and I came/I recognized the spirit emanating from you/and restored your glory through poetry/you ask me/why do I write so much about bodies/because I know you recognize your beauty/but aren’t confident in your you/I cherish you/I have sculpted your image in planets/for when they travel through space/people first find love/I adore your beauty/and when I learned of your Word/of your Holy Spirit/I became an ardent apostle/for a temple without ornament or blessings/can not be called the home of the Gods/but you/you are a citadel/a pantheon.


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