I still have the taste of your shaving cream down my esophagus/dont shave next time/I have no preference/but I’ll rather taste you as you are/all natural/droplets off my lips and in my beard/I have known your taste/I have known your scent/I have surveyed the depths of you/no need for oxygen tanks/I can hold my breath/I have spoken hymns and sutras into you/so your chakras may reignite/so your chi may be balanced/so your soul may be enlightened/I am your medicine man/learned wisdom from ancestral fairy tales/your womanhood is a blessing/bestowed by the Gods/for in you/you carry/not only civilization/but galaxies/woman/in you/you are the vestiges of past lives/they say trauma carries in your ovaries/so I sing these prayers/these dances of the tongue/to bless you with ease/woman/you are glory/you are the Gods incarnate/and I shall serve at your temple/religiously/worship no idols/nor bare witness to false deities/all of you is glory/and I shall dedicate myself/baptize myself/in your elixirs.


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