For the play

I dont like to walk up spines/I’d rather crawl on the tip of my tongue/hands deep in the fertilization of your waist/in the pillars of your shoulders/lips/against your chakras/release the stress/I will open you like paper puzzles/like intricate mechanisms/I am not here to solve you/but to provide you with different solutions/yes/I will wrap my hand around your throat/and match your inhales with mine/so when I breath in/and I’m in/you breath all of me inside you/and when you exhale/you feel me evermore/what is the world without imagination/give me all of you/bare and sincere/I give you all of me/courageous and ready for sacrifice/I shall make proper tributes to your womynhood/Flip you over like book covers/we dont need bed covers/I have tasted you once/and I could not place the fragrance/the aftertaste/but your smile/when I tasted you/has been on my memories/I can’t get you out my saliva/and when you told me/Pin me down like Messiahs/ I knew you were the one/and when I told you/this body/all this flesh/is yours for eternity/you promised covenants/your eyes watery/and the laughter cracked through a smile/you threw me on the floor/kissed me from my thighs to lips/from my lips to my thighs again/and you told me/you are all mine/in that moment/between the laughter and the joy of discovery/I saw your body/your aged body years from now/and mine/together/years of rituals/ the same energy/and there we were/me on the floor/you on top of me/your head on my chest/my hands/one roaming your hair/the wrapped around your waist like a corset/inside of you/like diving through waterfalls/all of you/and you looked me in my eyes/said no words/squeezed your body tightly around me like snakes devouring prey/and your uttered/I love you/from the floor to the bed/I carried your body full of our souls/and wrapped you in covers/kissed your forehead/Dont leave/the words you muttered devastated me/and I would never leave/ I was making you breakfast in bed/we need energy for the other rounds.


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