Night be a lady


For the Most Highs inside of my vessel, I thank them all individually for their commitment to my growth.

Your lips quiver like bodies in frozen water/and all the intoxications of your flesh/all your scents/all your flavors/have attracted the wolves/the predators in the wild/darling/all of you has been prey for savages/but for me/for men of my ilk/you are more than your afflictions/I have found you at crossroads/your body in its permanence of granite and onyx/yes/whoever formed you was indeed a master in their craft/your eyes like Bodhi trees/you have given me creativity as Lemon Quartz/you are the minerals of a different planet/I have thought about your caress/the smoothness of your skin/the silkiness of your hair/the taste of your breath/the rhythm of your heart/too many time to count/my oh my/for men of my ilk/who are soon to die out/we have exalted you/all of you/for your passage is the Truth/When have the other men learned that you are the apex predator/when will they learn/that womyn lives only for herself?





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