No. 300

I heard infinity in your hellos. In your smiles and the batting of your eyelashes. You’ve been inspiration since the gods were conceived by mortals. I believe because of you. Daily prayers, submission, adherence to divine laws. All because of you. Something like rainbows, you’re surreal. I could taste your soul in the way you carried yourself. Light to the touch. I have known you through the beginning. But time works cyclically. I met you once, and I’ve been meeting you every day since and before. I know you. Of you. How you were built. How you are. I’ve committed to the hierarchy of your love. Apostles now. Prophets now. I have learned to love you from the conversations. From the prayers and the faith in your abilities. Devotion. I am here for the beginning, for the birth of your divine child, and the Apocalypse. I am here. Devoted and supreme in my expression. I have loved you. I will love you. I will love you. Have you heard me? Have you witnessed these words? Spoken like truths in the essence of all that you built. From creation stories! You are the Creator. Prayers in the waters of Babylon. I am your keeper. I am yours. I like you. Confessions hidden in poetry. If YOU are reading this. If YOU ever read these. Know its the beauty in your capacity for love. In your expression. In your self devotion. I have known you for some moons now. For some time now. For most of now, now. And I write in your image, because thou shall not covet any false idols. Never said anything about written word. I have missed you since I have known you. In every instance, every fabric of time. And I have grown in that absence. I learned to like you through the exchanges. And in your infinite moments, I will love you for all of time. All of you. I will love all of you.


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