What I Am

I am, the paralysis between your body and soul when you’re feared. I am, the bass of Cadillac coupe deville. I am, plantains and avocado trees. I am, creole even if my family wont admit its Haitian roots. I am my father’s son, my mother’s son, my ancestors child. I am them. They are me. I have been this since the beginning of time. I am God. I am peasant. I am Devil. Fallen angel disciplined for rebellion. I am not your religion. I am not your churches. I am not your bigotry,racism,sexism,heteronormativity,etcetera. I am my father’s accent when he spoke English. I am his diabetes and his cynicism. I am my mother’s smile and her joy. I am my family. I am my brother’s keeper. I am not you. I will never be. I am not myself from yesterday either. I am growth. I am introspection. I am love. And I am everything that I have ever wanted to be. Never you.


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