Paper Mountains

What’s your density? The village doesn’t build with anything but stone. How come you’re origami? The wind must be your worst enemy, since you’re not rooted in heritage or values. Were you abandoned? Did you run away? It’s a facade they say. You’re scared. And too scared to be scared. How long have you questioned yourself? Made yourself mountainous but you’re lighter than a feather. They call you fragile. Manhood so fragile they said. But have you ever known manhood? You? You were raised by abandoned males, who identified because they had penises. Thats not manhood. Fragility came because you weren’t raised by the village. Didn’t respect the village. You saw physical strength as the supreme. But never learned your emotions. Your passion. Thought that was feminine. and the feminine was too poor for you. Too weak for you. I learned manhood from my community. It’s the same as womanhood. You learn it from the Universe.


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