All we want is freedom. To be ourselves. In our own bodies. Comfortable and secure. To roam and settle. To gather ourselves and not be harassed. It not a want. Its a need. Cause before you took things away, we had everything. and you feel like your power is in our subjugation. like your supremacy goes hand in hand with our enslavement. You cant cage soul, will, wisdom, heart, love, passion, you cant cage drive. We dont need to ask. You have no rights to rights. Handing shit out like a patten, you are no master to reality. You have fallen in love with subjective truths. Don’t play yourself. They know where civilization was cradled. Dont call me violence. For you raped, pillaged, murdered, experimented on our bodies. for science. for fun. for profit. Dont call me violent. When I dont ask for something you dont own. Liberation is for all of me. All of us.


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