Wide hips get you far in this world! Tell that to the department stores, I haven’t found pants in my size since the early 2000s. I mean, I learned to sew just to look fresh. I visited your structure today. America, I saw your tomb. Built by slaves, like everything else. Your tags should read “made by economically disenfranchised populations for ungrateful bastards”. Lets just keep it real. Nothing is ever made for the real bodies. For the home bodies. For different colors of bodies You got this white uncle Sam scarecrow physique painted as health and to be consumed as the ideal. Hollow cheekbones and sunken eyes. You have gotten us mistaken. My mother gave me these hips. Yes me. A man. Cause I need to learn how to cradle a fraction of civilization to respect women. You’re too skinny to appreciate home cooking, then you’re too naive to mess with politics. My momma told me I had the birthing hips. Cause our cultures gave you fright. Real savages come from Europe. Trust fund babies. We, we were nature’s babies. We, we are nature’s babies. They gave me wide frame cause brick homes are stable in most condition. You’re brittle. You’re artificial.


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