Hello from the inside you

Silhouette like gold mines. Like eating fireflies and chasing them with licorice vodka. I have dreamed of meeting you, for the first time again. Dressed in your aura, I mean your confidence. Light bearer, that’s your title. I have adored you in all your whimsy. Seeing you, like you are now, has giving me many blessings. I have loved you for so long, my dear. I was never your shadow. You’ve lost yourself in trying to tint your shades in different hues. Saturating yourself, you were never meant to be a copy. You found your voice so young, so bold. It was like a hit with a harpoon. Jolt the crowd. Awaken my love! These memories I write in the other side of the mirror. When you wash you face and think of your qualities. I love you. They’ve never built mountains like your shoulders. They never made oceans deep enough to fit your joy. I bequeath you these etchings, to make your glow glitter like shooting stars. You may have aged, but never forget your mother smile. Your poppa smile. Your first time seeing your new puppy smile. Your beautiful joy. You’re beautiful joy.


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