Sound of Paradise

Can I start with a damn? with a ritual for the gods and the boys on corner? Cause the gods gave me confidence and the homies gave me plans like coaches. Oh, and a thank you to my momma, cause she taught me how to listen. I was told I talk too much. But now I just write too much. I emote too much, I feel too much, I express too much, and I dont give a damn. This is for you. For the angelic, the rumbling. the realness and the in between. For the sculpting of your thighs and waist, they made you out of onyx, out of asteroids and red dwarfs. And when we cuddle. when I lay my head on your breasts, I hear the symphony. I could taste the beats across my tempo. You sound like paradise. My oh my, you look like paradise too. Shout out to Garcia Marquez for teaching me love too. Cause you got me enthralled. You’re Eden, shhh dont tell the Christians. You’re Mecca, shh dont tell the Muslims. You’re the White Elephant in lotus flowers, damn dont tell the Buddhists too. Like secrets, we’ll keep this love between us. You remind me of Pearly Gates and trumpets. Damn, you’re paradise.


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