Chakras and Chill

Divinity. Yes, divinity is all in your aura, your iris, your lips, waist, your whole everything. I’ve known you for millennia, the Gods made us from darkness and light. From the waters and the firmament. From gods and goddesses. That rumbling in your stomach, in your ribs, its from civilization devoured in past lives. From when we knew each other like the Sun and the Moon. Like Life and Death. You have always been, always are. Forever will be. We were born from the first days. From the remains of holy war and sacrifice. And now I ask you. As a god from Wash. Heights to love me again. The way you ferociously did when we spoke Aramaic and carved hieroglyphics. When we rode down the Euphrates and raised the continent of Africa as the land of diamonds and gold. and when we died, when we feel to trickery and deceit. they. they stole our land. just like they always have. because thats the cycle. But I ask you now. In the prime of our youth. To love with me. Chakra and all. I am into your vibe. Into you.


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