I have eaten of the Earth too often to not plant seeds in return. I have loved you for too long to not have understood you. From your breaths. From your body language. From your aura. I know you. As well as I know my own limbs. My own soul. It weighs nothing to love you. It takes no agony or deals with the supernatural. I have drank of the Ocean too many times to not clean the waters. I exist for the quantity of love you have given me. Maybe its because we gave you feminine pronouns that people dont respect you. In the course of time the feminine has been disrespected. Maybe if they personified you as a man would there be laws and respect. This is how it seems to be at least. You provide. You nurture. You are all. Yet we are used to abusing you. I hate humanity for mistreating you. For taking your grace and nourishment for granted. We could of done and been better.


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