I told you like perching birds on soon to be gentrified stoops that I liked you. And truth be told, I should of told you that you excite me, mentally and emotionally. Like bread crumbs for pigeons in avenues too deep and rooted to be transformed by a Starbucks or Trader Joe’s. I have an audacity of optimism. I spoke too soon, I didn’t know your engine, what made you tick. Didn’t know how deep and saturated your roots were. Really, I meant to say I like you cause you speak like gospel. Like a choir. and when you smile. Lawd! You have me believing. I told you I liked you the few days I got to know you. And thats my sin. Its my core. My engine. I read you like a Garcia Marquez novel. Like an Octavio Paz poem. Like a Kandinsky painting. All my favorites. I told you I liked you, maybe because of the depth of your smile like you’re fishing for sunshine in gravity. Because your voice sounds like gumbo. You talk so, damm, you talk so good it turns my insides. I wasn’t looking for an answer. Not looking for a commitment. Just wanted to say, damn I like you cause you’re personality is gorgeous like Latinx pride. But maybe I spoke too soon, cause you never saw me the same.


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