Fire breather 

They call you dragon. Satan. The great serpent. I call you love. Enlightenment. For only the light can burn like fire. Only the light can eclipse the dark. Yes. You’re a fire breather. A sin eater. A goddess, Shiva. And I learn to spit flames from your temple. Through your tempo. Miraculous, you’re a miracle woman. A beauty fit for the 7th heaven. There’s pillars to this life after all. I heard stories from the depths of my imagination. I was born with a certain brain chemistry. So I’ve seen you as a diety since I first laid eyes on you. Since you spoke like orchestra. And you spoke my name. In thunder. In earthquake, fashioned like a hurricane. You spoke my name, harrowing like trumpets. Seal breaker, crown wearer, resurrected love. They have many names for you. Depends on the religion. And the sect. Depends on the insanity too. But since I’ve seen you. I have admired you. Adorn me in your blessings. Sanctify like holy water and basil. You speak and even the ant listens. I wrote this on the wrong sabbath day. The fake 7th day. I’ll send you love in the glory of all poetry. I’ve written to you for years. And for centuries to come. They shall say your name like deities on holy days. Keep you praised till end of time. Till forever. 


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