May 30, 2016

I love you in completion. From your bones to your soul. I love your aura, your zen, your karma. I love you. In truth. In solidarity. In its nakedness. I love you for you. For you are a phenom. You are a spectacle. A great wonder. I love you unselfishly. in a non possessive sense, i know you must grow to match the universe in its output. I love you for every second of time that has passed on this galaxy. I tell you this in confidence. In the pursuit to share. You are the woman I’ve learned. You are the country I’ve lived on for years. You’ve given me shelter and refuge. You have given me hope and aspiration. I tell you this, as my prayer to the gods. May you know this love is sinless and full of calamity. In a good sense. May you know that I have learned to be a me from us. I learned to what self was from togetherness. From you. Goddess of antiquity, of modernity, I’ve learned of the worlds mysteries from your presence. I’ve conquered feats that once defeated my spirituality because of your strength. Tell me, how can I not love thee? For you are as bright as a sun and as free as the wind, you are as grounded as earth and as liberating as freedom. I love you in devotion and servitude. I love you in equality and support. May you understand that I have lived a life worth more because of you. That you have given me the faith of a muster seed, the depth of the ocean and space, you’ve given me the mechanism to love myself and devotedly as I love you. And that is why I am yours, if you will have me. I am your soul, your person, your confidant and friend. I am your lover and your counselor. May you know that this love is as bountiful as a googolplex, as an infinite plane. You are my friend, my love, my inspiration and my partner. May you know that I would give you existence itself as a gift. That i would give you God herself in the form of my devotion and love. You have shown me the future in light of my depression, in light of my mania. You have shown me prosperity and it’s the form of your love. May you continue to grow undefined and relentless. I love you.


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