Broken Speeds Never Stopped the Hungry

Your body has plagued me. Famine when you kiss my skin, traversed across borders and trenches. War when you bit my neck, carved your name across my back and panted like a witch when you rode atop of me like horse training. Conquest when I first laid your body bare across the oceanic expanse of my bed, eyes filled like lotus flowers and deep as whisky. Death when you climaxed. I mean damn your the Apocalypse. Deathly plagues bestowed upon Egypt to free the Jewish people, you are mythology. I knew in your waistline was a rattling too sonically deep for human bodies. You shifted left and right like tectonic plates, like faults, I mean your waist runs deep in this motion. And when I clutched your body, when I drew myself closer to your chest to lick sweat and taste the aroma you spoke Hebrew in my ear, you spoke Aramaic. Chanted like what they called brujas of old. My gods, you are blasphemy. You told me I couldn’t stop. It how you gained your strength. And when we laid in the broken mattress, bedsprings dug into our flesh, feathers in the air. You licked my face and told me to treat you like Armageddon.


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