This is where we came to be. When the Heavens and the Hells, when the Nine Realms and the Universes, when the gods were devoured by Ragnarök and you learned that I moved like Serpent in between the sheets under Isley Brothers soundtracks. Do you hear the footsteps in the dark? Have you learned of love when you knew I split moons with precision using tongue muscles like pro lifters. I decorated your form, all your shape, and style with breath, with microscopic attention, running through your bloodstream. I have known you since antiquity, since the river ran from the Sahara into the mouth of the Earth. Down the rainforest, down your abdomen, around your neck and around your thighs. I have known your scent like primordial beasts and the hunting packs. The Leviathans and the the wildebeest. All in the span of time, your primordial waters, Nun. To have known you in the expanse of infinity, Asgardian queen. The hall of goddesses, your Vingolf has revived my soul countless times. This is the apex of all that is. You


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