I built this fire for us. Built this tabernacle and this view for us. I built the moon and the stars, the moons and the planets for us. I’ve made the comets and asteroids stretch across the night sky for us. I built you an altar, well I built us an altar. Its about us now. I made a home for us. I’ve been saying I a lot. Taking too much credit. We built the fire. the tabernacle, the view, the moons and stars, the moons and planets, the comets and asteroids, the altar. We made this home. This, what they call love. I have seen your feelings for me. I have tasted what they call love from your touch. That’s how the fire started. That’s how it all started. We met, we keep on meeting, every day since the first day. And every day since then I’ve written poems cause my hands speak better than words. Your body will know that my calligraphy is better than my speech, but my tongue is better than my fingers. We’ve made love through it all.


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