Eat it from behind

I taste the Bohemian, the Dominican Republic. Sweet like mango nectar, refreshing like coconut water. Hydrate me. Rub me down in your oils. I taste the magnificence in you. Scoop your inside with precision, lay vibrations through you with rattling tongue. I know tricks. Ha! I’ll eat it from behind, in front, upside down and downwards. I’ll taste you from other dimensions. Levitate them legs when laying on your back. Keep them strong when you arch your back. I could taste your emotions. I’m going to match your exhalation, your breathing is my reference. The pulses in your thighs, the nails dug into my skull. I know this passion. I know this intensity. Breath, baby breath. Make your soul succulent, so I may speak through your body, spiritually. Succulent and calm, I will deliver you from stress.


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