S.I.M.B.A. (Saved in My Brother’s Arms)

*For my Line Brother. You hold it down, like the Andean Mountains.*

 I’ve never been afraid to share love. But manhood can be so toxic and anti-emotion that I keep the “I love you” to a minimum. I was taught to keep that for the women. Love was never platonic in the household. And I hated men for that. I hated friends for that. This is for my comrade, my fellow conquistador. Brother, I love you. The title says it all. You saved me through it all. We guided each other, we fought for each other. Formed strong roots from the thunder. Couldn’t ask for a stronger soul, for a greater confidant, for a better brother. Showed me it was ok to be myself. And you’ve motivated me to be a better being. Saved in my brothers arms, I heard this acronym in 2012 and now I can apply it to my life.


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