They would be you

If wisdom had a voice. If God had a vessel. If the waters of the Euphrates, of the Mississippi River had a home. If cosmology walked in heels. If all this were true. They would be. Must definitely. Without hesitation. You. The liquors of passionfruit and tamarind would be your lips. You’re sweetness. You’re the lost ark. The last covenant between the Most High, the most Beloved and humanity.

Your eyebrows deep like the jungles of Vietnam, of the Congo, of la Republica. I’m into eyebrows. Your face like a Kandinsky painting, masterpiece. Because of you I’ve tried to master peace. You’re a loving soul. A regal woman. Royalty like Bodhisattva.

If hallelujah was a person, if amen had a face, if prayer had a kiss, if, if all these had a form, they would be you. A queen.


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