Down the feathering of your spine. Speaking in the hymns of my ancestors, in that twang when they cut plantains. Kiss, softly on the precipice of the small of your back, hands engulfing your hips, I will inhale you from your Sacral chakra. All your sins, all your glory, quell your insecurities. Refreshments like shots off your navel, swim in the depths of your dimples, tip toed down your waters. Speak the truth! Give the love like breath. Breathe. One, two, three, inhale. Three, two, one, exhale. Its your tempo, that 808, your subwoofer, chopped n screwed like an ATLien. My goddess damn, you speaketh like volcanoes. You walk like KO, and you grind, ohhh lawd you break that wine like earthquakes. Damn, damn, damn I would write this on the belly of the Earth, deep in her womb so trees may grow in your strength. Give you peace, give me wisdom. Tell me why, tell me when, tell me how, I mean you, lady you got something special. You eternal, me immortal, we divine, us love. Give thy gift, wrapped in parchment. I give you this, these monuments, this covenant in my chest. It sounds like the echoes of your. Same frequency. Same love. Same


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