Smooth like candy painted Cadillac. Rougher than a sub woofer, than booming bass, than Southern tempo and grits. Fuckin grits. Boomin, you come from another planet. You come from another era. Delicious like jazz, woooo like that that Ella, like that Etta, like that Nina. Ohhhh that Nina Simone. I heard you from the womb. That voice. That melody. That R&B, TLC, L-O-V-E. Oh you used to spit that poetry, that flow that echoes like Outkast tracks. you got that Stankonia. Ohhh I love your vibrations. Your melody. Its your breath, your patience, your mentality. Give me that life. Lawd, I said Lawd. Ya know I mean she’s a woman. God that is. You’re a blessing. I find you in everything I’ve ever heard, ever seen. I got you. You got me. This is love for you. Just for you.


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