You don’t know the taste of my sin. My wrath. My lust. My sloth. I would engulf your soul. Feed me. Love me. Gently. Love me. For me. Show me. I said love me. Not for you. Shit. I need this. I need you to want me. I need this. I’m addicted. My soul is too heavy to sell. There’s no currency for this. Fuck, I can’t bear my crosses. It broke my back in two, in three, I can’t feel. I can’t taste. And the last bits of sensation where from your lips. When you drifted like a dream. You shattered me. Clean through. Maybe, maybe you knew. How damned I was when God smote me. Mother in Heaven, hollow be thy everything. Thy infinity, divinity, those eyebrows, that smile, shit I already said everything. You don’t know me. I’ve changed. I’m new now. I’m not you now. I’m all of me. Complete, these crosses dont break my flesh, my bone, my spirit no mo. Love me. The new me. all of me. like I love you


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