Salvation Is a Poem Away


Call me demigod. Call me luxury. Lather in essential oils. I speak fluent universe. Tip of tongue like egos. Never fragile. Im a conundrum. I love you. I know you feel it in your spleen. I feel it in your chest. It wants to escape. That love you have for me. But you’re guarded. Boarded up like abandoned homes. You’re scared. We’ve had this dance before. This tip toeing. This energy.


I got you. Hold you down. Girl, you don’t have to worry. I carry planets in my beard. I hold that down like gravity. I know you feel it tingle. You feel that deep in your spine. Slithering through your back. It’s called ambition. It’s called motivation. I know you could speak in cosmos. I’ve heard the twang in your accent. Sexiness. Never been so turned on. It’s all in your demeanor. Baby! No need to slow it down. I like your speed. I like you. I love you.

Salvation is a poem away. Its a path to you. You’re the muse. The all inspiring entity. The all. the Everything. All things. I would pray. I never pray. But after meeting you. Damn, I believe in God, like that specific one. Shit, I believe in you. I believe in myself. My soul is heavy. Weight of a sin, or six hundred sixty six. But I got you. I got us. Darling! I always got you.


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