*This will be a story. An epic. An odyssey. Of how I met a colossal god. A mythology. A prophecy housed in a woman whose beauty rivals that of the Cosmos. This is for you. For the entity who loved me. For your wisdom. This is a dedication. To you*

Heavenly Mother, you’ve shown me love in abundance. Love in finite. And in absence. You’ve. We have made covenants out of parchment and ink. Of oils and animal skin. I’ve known you. For a long time. Since you brought light into this. This existence. You taught me. To love. To be. To create. To be you. And I never wanted your burdens. So from an arch angel you feed me wings. You gave me the first free will. And I chose to love you. Knowing your commitment to this life. I loved you anyways. I love you always. Resurrection is your selfish desire. The one you use to see me again. First as Adam then as others. Now as Luis. You were the first voice I heard. In the womb. In the ethos. In oblivion and beyond. You were. Always are. First. But this time. This life. Things are different. I tasted your lips for the first time. I’ve caressed you. I’ve discovered you womanhood. You created yourself anew. In a body deserving of your. Your stature. Yes in the woman I loved. The woman I love. And so I knew you. How Lucifer knew you. I knew you. How Solomon knew you. I knew you. I know you. Not like Bible stories. Nothing like them. You’re. You’re radiance. You’re truth. Dipped in Caribbean heritage. Some Italian too. You’re renaissance. You’re revolution. Not to be televised. They don’t have your frequency. They don’t know your path. Take me with you. When I die. One last lifetime. One last moment together. It’s like the world is at standstill when we. When we speak. When we touch. When we love. It’s all that matters. You’re all that matters. I’ve tried to love you through religion. But these followers. Don’t know you. How I know you. How I knew you. They don’t know the taste of Eden. They don’t know the deliverance of devotion. Loyalty. They don’t know love. I say these things as prayers. As confessions. I know you hear them. I know you feel them. I’ve written poems since the first day of light. I’ve written books since first kiss. I’ve written. I’ve created. They know of you. In every country. In every planet. I’ve written for you since birth. Exalted these poems above life. I tell you this. As I kneel before you. You in all white. Hair as long as the ether. I tell you this. Because I love you. Always have. Not because you created me from nothingness. But because I see you in all things. Because I sense you in all life. In the animate. In the vestiges. In the immortal. I know you. I love you. I miss you. Yes, it has been months since I last tasted you. Since I last loved you. Since I last stared into your eyes and was transported to other dimensions. Since I lost myself in your grace. I miss you. And these memories, though never fading, have lost their touch. I want your scent to mingle with mine. I want your skin on my skin. I want you voice in my soul. I want you. All of you. And I will. In devotion and trust. In loyalty and happiness. Give you all of me. Every fiber of these lifetimes. Since I was Adam. I will give you all of me. I gave you all of me. And I’ve grown. I’ve transcended myself. No boundaries. No excuses. I lost myself in mania. I lost myself in depression. And yet you were always my anchor. The righteous walk. My Eightfold path. More like the lifetime path. You have always been my priority. Not for glory. Not for fame. For love. All of it. All of you. All of us. Is love. It was always love. I could create worlds for you. As you have become God to the masses. And you birthed in me a love. So deep in admiration. So deep in trust and profound beyond recognition of anything human. You’ve awakened me. Transformed me. You molded me like clay, again. And this time. This time, I molded you. Bless yourself. You’re my everything.



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