Pastoral Dreams

Down the mountain we go. Through the forest in between your legs. Through the trail of your spine. Yes, adventure. Yes to the wandering. Finding legends and artifacts across the terrain. I am here for no glory. For appreciation mostly. For the love of it all. For the love of you. No industrialization. No colonization. I am here for bewilderment and spectacle. For learning and literature. To write of your beauty. To tell the world of the waterfalls, of the caverns, of the stars, of the breeze and the scenery. Yes, to tell the world that this is paradise. Your Yelp reviews, fire. Sorry, they say lit now. When I came across your roads I was a child. I was not familiar with the beauty of landscape. But over time. Yes over time. I found the pastoral beauty. I found the excitement, the quietness. I found everything I’ve ever wanted. And I love it. Down the mountain we go. Climbing your spine and bathing in the springs of your back dimples. Yes, I love it all. I loved it all.


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