My bones call for you. They shake in the winter, they cry in the heat. They call for you. My mind. My mind doesn’t know how to feel. It doesn’t. It doesn’t want to feel. It keeps watching the old home videos. The funny ones. The dramatic ones. Our first fight. The other fights. The first I love you. The other I love yous. It sits there. Watching. Holding back tears. But my bones. My bones want to leap from this body. They want to find you. And caress you. They miss you. And my heart. Oh, it hasn’t functioned well since that day. It hasn’t been itself. The melody is off. Someone. You. Please, help me tune this. I miss you. And my body is at war because it misses you too. The connection. The conversations. The love. Your intellect and personality. I just. I miss you 


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