Ballad No. 1

When we danced. My hands. Your hips. Sways to bachata. Slow. I never felt so alive. I learned from your form. I read your library. I. I loved it. You. Those days. Those wonderful days. Have made me lonely today. They’ve changed me today.  It’s those memories. Those. Nuances. Those. Fragments. I miss those, moments. I miss you. Your melody. Your song. Your singing. Your breath. Your. Everything. I miss your everything. And memories. They’ve replayed. They’ve replayed and replayed moments. How we used to. And how we would. And when I. And when you. When we loved. It was all we did. It was in all we did. And I can’t dance anymore. I have no rhythm. You stole my music. You stole my soul. You stole my happiness. You stole it all. It was mine. It wasn’t only yours. It was. It was ours. And I miss you. I. Miss. You. I love you. 


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