With you 

Lost in your scent. In the liquor of your stench. Yes I’ve been trapped by your body and mind. I’ve been fortified by your stamina and will. I’ve been fed by your conviction. I shout to the heavens I bellow to hell. And I meditate in purgatory. I dream of you again. Of your. Of your everything. I’ve bought alcohol to match your energy but couldn’t find you at the bottom of bottles. And in heaven I heard no chorus. In hell I’ve yet to hear the Devil laugh. And earth. This jail cell of reality. I’ve heard nothing but sorrow. Where has the joy gone? Where have you gone? Up in fumes I can’t smell your intellect anymore. I can’t feel you anymore. I can’t know myself anymore.  Not because I was defined by your boundaries. By your borders. But because. I was only alive in your touch. I was only alive. With you. 


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