When I told you that I loved you

I spoke in broken english,

you made my Spanish accent resurrect

my Heights accent

the NY in me.

Depths of your grace,

the truth of your fragrance,

damn, I just loved you in everything.

Expansive and life altering,

How you used to

bath yourself in my poetry,

you spoke like catastrophes

like rebellions

like assassinations

and peace.


you were frighteningly beautiful

truly different,

and I loved you like an apostle

dressed you in heaven,

washed your body

in rose water,

kissed your navel

the nape of you neck

your lips

like Armageddon

like Jazz,

you told me your history

your future

as if I were writing a biography,

and when you inhaled

you took all of me


I gave all of me

naked and unafraid,

our souls grew together.

That was the spark

between our lust,

and I loved every minute

you linger

like nicotine,

like whiskey.

I would tell you more

give you more

cherish you more,

but it’s time to go,

I love you.


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