Prayers on bloodied knees and broken fingers, I can’t force them together. So I speak hellish flames into the ether for pageantry. In the realms of love and all things bold, I think I told the gods that I was in love. and they cursed me. branded me across the small chains of atoms. They fucked with my fate. Told me I wont die soon but I would never find love in this or any plane of existence. They gave me fire and thunder. They gave cataclysm. In retrospect, I see they gave me well disguised hope. Everything they’ve done. In the meticulous horrors of their detailed work, I’ve grown better. Found my soul along the journey. Found my courage in the depths of uncertainty. They told me apathy would devour me. But I’m a god. They molded me in their image. They tested me and i requested a hearing. A trial. and in the process of my conviction I learned that I was a blight in the most blissful sense. I was a miracle.


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