In your flesh, in your deposits of marrow. Yes, in your anatomy is where I have found the vessel of God’s wrath. God’s mercy. It’s where I found God. Hidden inside your heartbeats, inside your form. This was rebirth. Jubilee! I think I died when I met you. When I held your hand in the molds of my mine. When I tasted the justice of your lips. I have found the truth of Nirvana. Your love was rebirth. Your touch was death. Death of the old and the uncertainty. Purity. In all its forms. You washed the multitude of my sins away. You bathed me in celestial waters. And that’s when I heard the Holy Ghost. When I looked into your eyes and was devoured by righteousness. I gift you this spectacle. This. Well me. I was cultivated from Abraham’s lineage. From the same mud that made Adam, from the rib that made Eve. But in truth, Eve was made first. I can remember the toxicity of your speech. Very much like opium. Addicted to your fragrance. To your speech. To you! Yes, I am addicted to your womanhood. To your audacity to laugh in the face of gods. And you taste of poverty and injustice. My childhood.


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