Ever since infinity, since the moment we met, I have tasted you in full. Prowling the realms of my body and memories. You’ve left imprints on this form. Paw prints. Bite marks. Your scent. You left your soul. Love you in totality. In complete catastrophe, I know what you sound like in compromise. I know what you feel like and the songs you sing in your elation. I know your ebb and flow. Your tempo. Your structure and your foundation. I know you, wholeheartedly. And you know me. All of me. Truth be told, you knew my intentions better than I knew how to breath. Better than I knew to live. But life was never exciting till I saw your tectonics shift. I mean you hips switch. I mean your hair, in all its curls wave like tsunami. Wish I could buy your seasoning in bodegas. Wish Goya sold that flavor. And you know I taste like the arts. Like the universities. So indulge in your knowledge and curiosity. I love your micro-expressions, the millisecond smiles and squeals when i hold you. Heart beat to heart beat. Its like a choir. You’re the only one who can take me to church. Yes Lawd! You’re the only one. I’ll never forget the night I heard you speak to the moon. I was enlightened by your beauty. Since then I’ve been holy. And whenever you howl, I know its a conversation with the gods.  


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