Call her Adonai

In the wilderness of our passion, some may call it savage, we found euphoria. Naked for purpose and intrigue. Naked for comfort and ease. We loved in the quilt of night skies and wrapped ourselves in the weight of stars. I dressed you in the colors of the solar system. I licked stardust off your inner thighs. You were an eclipse, a black hole, a white dwarf. I say, you dressed me in Oceanic tones. Kissed my neck like vampire. In you I found dimensions. Depths to deep to calculate. But in your walls I read the Torah and the Qur’an. I knew I tasted something holy. Holy anointing oil, holy water, and your bush was burning. Trifecta. Messiah. That’s what I called you. That’s what you were/are. Hands burrowed deep into opposing palms, I dug into your body for warmth. I found shelter in your Holy Land. And you found comfort in my blessings, in our blessings. In the prayers of moans and impulses, in the strength of your baptismal orgasm I found refuge. I found refuge inside you. I have found peace within you. I have found a piece of God from you. And I call you Adonai, Yahweh. I call you the supreme reality. Amen


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