Where does the time go between us? I’ve known you since the Sky was split from the Earth. Since waters parted them both. I’ve known you since eternity infinitum. You shouted “love me!” You shouted “love me!” And I did. Always. Since they ripped the Earth from the Sky. Dammit, I loved you since I brought breath into this vessel. Since I inhaled the cosmos from your neck, that was your perfume. That was all you. I loved you since infinity. Since the truth of the cosmos was known by holy people. I gave you Jerusalem, I gave you Sodom and Gomorrah, I gave you Eden, I gave you the Euphrates, I gave you Manhattan, I gave you Mexico and Peru and the Caribbean. I gave you the expanse. I gave you the wisdom and the truth. I gave you Heaven and Hell. And in the moment you ask me for more. You wanted more. You needed more. So I created islands for you. I gave you continents. I gave you planets, I gave you the multiverse. I gave you God. I gave you me. and you say I never loved you. You say I never loved you. You say. You say. You say all these words and I give you all these actions and I’m tired. And the time has gone away.


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