Planet Woman

In your essence.  In your truth. In the middle of your thighs and the fantasy of your abdomen. I’ve found glory. Like arc of the covenant. Like rainbows. Like trumpets and seven scrolls. 

Your habitat. Deep in the memories of your beauty. Deep in the closure of your being. Yes I’ve found truth and salvation. 

Mind with depth of voids. Tell me your secrets. Your phenomenon. Your soul. I know you think like antiquity. I mean not dated. But verbose and humanistic. But enlightened and caring. I know you like breathing. I know you like sleep. I know you. All of you. In the clutches of all things unique. I know you. 

Body molded from time itself. Eyes celestial. Lips luscious like comets. I could taste your intellect and spirit in my dreams.  A constitution for this ordeal. For your witchcraft and the voodoo that you do on this dude. Written in lyrics and verses. Written on the ether. Love. That’s what I propose. In this gravity of your wisdom. In this. All of this truth and bliss. I came to this planet long ago.l was from other lands. From other worlds. I was a stranger. Yet you welcomed me like life. You welcome me. I give you love and confidence. Truth. Yes. All this is true. All of me is true. And I love you. 


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