Of You

I’ve eaten of the fruits and the bearings of the Earth. Cracked the mantle like an egg and swallowed the core because only Earth can calm this hunger. I’ve eaten of you, between you, you, all of you, from every angle and time. Your soul, body, mind, the trifecta. I’ve eaten your holy trinity. Tongue moonwalk on the edges of your flesh and hands deep into your vertebrae, I’ve consumed of your spirit through intoxicating stares. I’ve seen the depths of your courage and fear. Fear taste a lot burnt pop-tarts but that’s normal in my poverty. My appetite was never simple, I was always the extraordinary fat boy of the school. I was always the whimsical chubby boy of my youth. Like the hollywood archetype of the best friend. Damn, when I tasted you. Sweet like papaya and tamarind, damn when I swallowed you like saliva, I never knew that I was starving. Never knew I was famished and deprived of vitality. When I had you, for the first time, for every time, in every time, I knew I was finally me. Nourishment, that was your role in my life. And eating was my favorite practice. I’ve been preparing for you since birth. You asked for applications of this obesity and I gave you this mouth. I gave you this hunger and you gave me rain. I gave you hunger and you gave me lust. I gave you this hunger and you gave me the ether, the substance of your existence. I could taste your culture, heritage, your deepest wishes. I could taste you. I’ve never had a meal quite as delectable as you. Blessed be your womanhood that taste like Paradise. Praise be to you, in all languages and prayers.


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