15 Days

I learned from your silence more than from your cheers. You were rarely happy. Rarely anything. You were as still as a rock. As rigid as one too. And I looked to you for guidance. I sought everything from you. I fought to know your secrets. To know your strength. And that’s when we became friends. That’s when you saw me not as a son but as a separate man. And the last few years together with you were beyond remarkable. Dad, I love you. This a pre-anniversary post. In 15 days I don’t know what I will do, but I will mourn the lose of my mentor, best friend, and father. This is for you old man. This if for our bond. Keep me on the right track, I graduate undergraduate school soon. We graduate really, since I am your junior. Keep me on the straight and narrow since you’re my angel now. I love you


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