In her womb lay the Universe. The Universe wasn’t birthed, but it lives in the womb of a wombman. Hark! The angel speaks in twisted tongue like serpents. That’s were I learned of the cosmology of the mother. They say God is the father, but this wombman has been mother for eternity in her loneliness. She sits there heavily meditated and conscious of her baby.The Mother, my Mother, your Mother, all Mothers, are the cosmos. Ya’ll the scope of infinity, ya’ll the depth of space. How does man try to control you? Make laws to fit you in to finite situation. When your backs don’t arch for that, or that way. When your strength is too much for rigidity. Mothers! Blessings upon blessings, there’s love for you all in this feeble soul. There’s enough kindness from this wretch like me. But there is no damnation, only in the patriarchy and we know the Matriarch doesn’t play those games. Wombman, you’re alien. Is that why they’re scared? You create life, is that why they’re scared? You are the cosmos! Do they not have a tendency to explore space? Wombman, Mother, love conquers all. So I will conquer in your names.


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