From the Skies

Amazing. Deliciously wrapped. What are you made of? Sugar. Spice. Everything galactic? Kinky curls and maroon lipstick. That’s how I met you. Even your shadow looked like romance. Cross faded off your aroma, that perfume was some governmental experiment. So tell me. How you live? How you doin? I see you walk in them heels like conquest. I see you slay girl. I’m wondering where you come from. I’ve lived here a long time and never seen you before. Never felt density from a stare before. What’s your name? Ahhhh! You’re an asteroid. You’re a miracle baby. A wonder on this planet. From the skies you say? I’ll you about me. I’m from this Earth, from this clay and dirt. From these roots and rocks. I’m an Earth boy and I’ve fallen into your gravity.


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