The Law

Love. Written in my grandmothers accent across the sky. Like platanos and aquacate, yes I’m Dominican. And my abuela would love to know that I love her. Though she died when I was young. But I heard she had a lovely voice. So in my mind music sounds like the voice of women. My mother and my fathers mother. Love is the law. And so my thoughts are driven by you, by your sass and your sex. By your flirtation and your strength. 

So love is written in my grandmother’s accent on the sky and on this Earth love is rooted by your stance. Rooted in you. My Amazon. Beauty like no other, like there never was. Damn, I write these like tattoos for parchment. Ink seeped into the flesh of trees, I’ve carved into the immortal to encapsulate your stature. Love is law and you are just. 


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