A blessing 

Waves upon this flesh, upon this blessed soul. You’ve loved me like baptism, washed away my sins with your affection. You’re a servant to love and I thank you. Thank you for bathing me in your glory, in the fortitude of your esteem. I’ve learned life from you. I learned to live because of you. From your body I’ve tasted euphoria, I’ve found the nectar of youth and bliss. From your kiss I’ve found abandoned rituals and forgotten harmonies. Glory be to you, to your grace. From the lessons we’ve been through, the trials I’ve learned to focus and fight. I’ve learned to fight from your bravery, from your strength in conflict. Glory be to you, I love you. From the scriptures of your hair follicles to the hymns and feet. The apostolic manner in which you have loved me, in the prophetic way you’ve loved me I’ve learned to be true. True to life and my expressions. I would give you a million suns and moons, the infinity of time and love in a poem, in a song. To tell you three words that have transformed me: I love you. Glory be unto you, in your presence I have found tranquility and paradise. I thank you. Thank you for loving me in my tribulations. Thank you for showing me a path of righteousness and forgiveness. You’re a woman exalted above all others. A pure joy. A covenant of truth and courage. I love you. Oh, I love you my goddess dressed in the oceans and skies, hair as long as the eternal. Oh, I love you my goddess birthed in intelligence. I love you. Always and forever. A truth, more of a binding commandment than words. I will love you for the span of time and space. Blessings unto to you and your endeavors. I love you in truth and with the spirit of mythology. 


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