My Process

Prayer beads, praying mat, holy water, and a journal. I write in this space. Mentally. Physically, its music and my Macbook. But in my mind,it’s time for prayer. These are my intentions, written as poems. My spirituality, these are my gods. I roam that space mentally, that realm of spiritualism and devotion. It’s been my process since poems have become my breath. These mantra, these sutra, these psalms, these hymns, I write them as poems. The Universe is my major deity, the creator god. This is my process. I meditate, close my eyes and write the first line. I write the first line and in a trance I continue to write. This is my process, and I respect it like work ethic. Mentally I’m in a space full of cosmological mysteries. Physically I’m in my living room, listening to Spotify and writing with my eyes closed. This is my process. This is me, writing to be free of sin.


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