The Relationship

She roamed the Earth looking for something to match Her intensity. For someone to become Her equal. But She forgot she was from another dimension, from another ether. She forgot that in our world we call Her God. So God is roaming NYC looking for someone to love Her. For someone to be Her partner. But how could it be? Even I speak in Enochian and don’t know the twang of Her accent. She has an eye though, can sense the depth of your soul. And She told me She loved me. Her arms around my neck, eyes diving into mine, and She said “I love you”. But what do mortal men have to offer a deity? I asked Her in shuffled breath. And She laughed, crackling the sky, “because you’re a god like me.” And when we kissed, I remembered the nuances of our history. I remembered the density of our romance. She was God and I was Lucifer, cast out of Heaven for loving her in romance. I did more then bear Her Light. And then the rebellion. They think it was lead by Me. But in actuality, God and I tried to escape to Earth. But She had her angels, and I had mine. I was the music man. The leader of the orchestra. and She was God almighty blessed be Her name in every language. And She loved me. And I loved Her. When I was cast out of Heaven She hid me in Hell till the time of our reunion. And I met Her in NYC, this beautiful woman with the features of a planet. And we fell in love again. She showed me the way again. And I could still bear Her Light.


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